Services That We Provide
Team & Individual Photography: Superstars photographs thousands
of kids each year and what sets us apart from the competition is our
superior quality, products and services. We provide studio quality
Team & Individual photo on location! While our photographers are
taking the pictures, our sales staff check order forms, answer parent
questions, and assist your league coordinators with team check-in.
Also, most photography companies only take one picture of each
child and then move on to the next. We take a minimum of two
pictures of each child and pick the best one. This way, we always
catch the kids with a smile on their face and their eyes wide open. If
you're tired of understaffed & frantic picture days... Try Superstars
Sports Photography today!

Action Photography: Superstars knows what it takes to make great
action photographs. It's a look, a strain, a grimace, a grin or a smile
caught in our viewfinder. It's a memory, a moment caught in time
forever. We offer photos that can be shared over and over again with
family members, put in scrapbooks or proudly displayed on your
desktop at the office. Our action photography services are second to
none when it comes to preserving those special moments.

We offer a wide variety of print products for purchase on our web site
and if you are looking for the ultimate gift for someone, we have our
line of custom action posters. Superstars also sells individual photo
discs and team photo discs which contain the original digital files for
you to make your own prints from.